SedaPACK paperboard food tray

While the whole world is dealing with global warming and its problems, consumers have started to act more sensitively and prefer natural and environmentally friendly products. Based on this understanding, SedaPACK has started to produce food containers made of cardboard that can dissolve in nature.

About our product
Foods to be put into SedaPACK cardboard food containers can be frozen in a -40°C freezer and cooked in a +200°C heated fan oven. It is produced from sources that dissolve in nature and is completely natural. We are ready to prepare our products meticulously as a result of the researches carried out by our R&D Department in a way that will meet the needs of you, the consumers, and present them to your taste and consumption. We invite you to use our products in order not to harm nature, which is our legacy to our children.
Personelize your product
By enriching SedaPACK's new generation cardboard food containers and lids with your own graphic designs, you can save on second advertising promotion services by using the standing advertising feature.